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  • CV Writing Company Literally Giving Cash Away – Read Here!

    CV Writing Company Literally Giving Cash Away – Read Here!

    Sounds like another load of marketing blurb doesn’t it but read on because this is a genuine offer that anyone (other than a recluse living in the Outer Hebrides) can benefit from.

    CV writing companies have one key marketing challenge, which is to make as many job seekers as possible aware of their services.

    Thousands of pounds are spent on developing partnerships with jo... Read more >>

  • CV and Interview Advisors run their first phone seminar

    CV and Interview Advisors run their first phone seminar

    The CV and Interview Advisors are running a new CV Masterclass seminar on Wednesday 15th September at 6:05pm.

    The aim of the phone in seminar is to provide in-depth and specific guidance on how to write your own CV. It aims to cut through the masses of information that is available on CV Writing and tell you exactly what you need to do and most importantly, how to do it.

    We w...

  • The Cost of CV Writing Services

    The Cost of CV Writing Services

    If you have been looking around for a CV writing service you will have noticed that prices vary considerably and may be wondering why. The CV & Interview Advisors (that’s us) were one of the early entrants into the world of CV writing and have been around for many years. We consider ourselves an authority on our industry and all things related to job hunting and would like to shed some light on ... Read more >>

  • Should a CV include a Personal Profile – the current view!

    Should a CV include a Personal Profile – the current view!

    By Matt Craven – Managing Director of The CV & Interview Advisors.

    There has been some conjecture amongst professionals regarding the merits of a personal profile on a CV. This conjecture stems from the fact that many job seekers fill their personal profiles with irrelevant and mostly clichéd information. Here at the CV & Interview Advisors, we offer free CV Appraisals, there... Read more >>

  • CVs for IT Contractors - how to write a CV that isn't 6 pages long!

    CVs for IT Contractors - how to write a CV that isn't 6 pages long!

    In my capacity as a Career Consultant, I have worked closely with the IT industry for many years and two challenges keep rearing their ugly head: Firstly, how does an IT Contractor write a CV that isn't six pages long; and secondly, what happens if you want to apply for a role that draws upon skills gained in a contract that isn't the most recent piece of work that you have done. I anticipate lots... Read more >>

  • What does a Dragon know about writing a CV?

    What does a Dragon know about writing a CV?

    During the current economic gloom, we all know that finding a new job is a tricky old business. I spoke to a job seeker recently who was told by the recruitment agent that he was up against 300 other applicants and wouldn't be considered because his experience wasn't "spot on".

    The frustrating part of this example is that the candidates experience was spot on; his CV just wasn’t writ... Read more >>

  • Is a good CV really that important?

    Is a good CV really that important?

    I raise this question having done a CV clinic at a recent careers fair in Sheffield. The event was attended by hundreds of young professionals and recent graduates who had invested thousands of pounds and three to four years in gaining a degree.

    At one point we had people queuing out of the door to receive a free appraisal of their CV. At this stage, I was encouraged to think that thes... Read more >>

  • Personal Profiles on CVs

    Personal Profiles on CVs

    What are people's thoughts on Personal Profile sections on CVs? As a company, we provide hundreds on free CV appraisals a week and it seems that the same style of personal profile comes up time and time again.

    If I had a penny for each time I have read that a job seeker has excellent communication skills, can work under pressure and can work in a team as well as an individual, then I w... Read more >>

  • How Green is your CV?

    How Green is your CV?

    With all the doom and gloom in the news about the recession and the shortage of jobs in the UK marketplace at the moment, it's a breath of fresh air to hear about new government predictions for the
    growth of the renewable energy sector, so there's never been a better time to have 'green' credentials on your CV.

    Business secretary Lord Mandelson said: "Low-carbon and environmental g... Read more >>

  • Clearing 2009 - course interviews.

    Clearing 2009 - course interviews.

    If you didn't get the A-Level/A2 grades you needed for your first choice of University then you may well be considering clearing this year.

    Often clearing is a very quick process, based on the spaces a University needs to fill and your grades, but occassionally a university will request you attend an interview before offering you a place.

    At this interview you need to present...

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