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professional trainerThe word 'CV' is probably one of the most frequently used within the world of recruitment, yet many Recruitment Agencies fail to understand its importance and neglect to embed the ethos of a well written CV within their business. 

Many clients will decide who they are going to interview based upon the relevance and quality of a CV. It has also been proven that a high percentage of clients chose their recruitment partners based upon the quality of their CVs. 

In summary, the better the CV; the more likely you are to get your candidate an interview; and the more likely you are to make a fee.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your Consultants typically sending the candidates own CV in your format?
  • What training have your Consultants had on how to write a good CV?
  • Do your Consultants really understand the complexities behind writing a good CV?
  • How many Recruiters provide irrefutable evidence that a candidate is good at their job by providing the client with a list of achievements?
  • Do your Recruiters provide meaningful comments or 'personal profiles' at the start of a CV?
  • Do they understand why a 'personal profile' is important in order to bring the CV into context?
  • To summarise: Do recruiters provide clients with irrefutable evidence that compels them to interview their candidate?

We provide professional consulting, workshops and training sessions to Recruitment Firms on the science and theory behind writing a good CV. These sessions can be tailored to your needs.

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