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We understand that the requirements of a CV in the medical sector are very different from the commercial world. 

We have career specialists who have extensive experience of writing CVs for this field and know that one of the key challenges is producing a CV which isn’t 10 pages long but also provides evidence that the individual is good at what they do. 

Too many medical CVs are a long list of items under 20 different headings that provide zero evidence of achievement. Our specialist trained staff are able to produce a CV which is manageable in length but also provides compelling evidence that you have succeeded in your career. 

Our Consultants also have to be able to assimilate and regurgitate extremely technical information so that your CV is written using the correct medical terminology.

For our medical sector customers, we would recommend the Professional CV Writing Service as this best suits your needs.

To order one of our services or for more information about our credentials in this area, please contact us on 01274 408 222 or email: info@cvandinterviewadvisors.co.uk

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