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Why have a professionally written CV?

A savvy employer, recruiter or client can spot a tidy CV with weak content a mile off. What they want is a well-presented CV with irrefutable evidence that you a) have the skills they require, and b) have a track record within their environment. 

Its a well known fact that most CVs fail due to ill-aligned and weak content, which is why we create CVs with highly targeted and powerful content based around our customer's career and track record. This can only be achieved if a) we know what employers / recruiters are looking for, b) we spend ample time exploring our customers career / track record, and c) we know exactly how to architect this information to get maximum results.

We estimate that after using our service, you are at least 50% more likely to receive interviews and 40% more likely to obtain a job offer. The average person that buys a high quality CV writing service increases their salary by £3,000.

Once our professional CV writing service has optimised your CV, we also have a range of interview coaching services that can be ordered separately.

Why not have a free, no obligation CV appraisal from one of our trained CV writers? They will tell you where your CV could be improved. Sign up for a free appraisal now and we will be in touch shortly.

Who uses professional CV services?

People use CV writing services for a variety of reasons including not having the time to write their own or finding it difficult to be objective about themselves. More than this, people who use CV writing services are the savvy ones who realise that having a great CV will significantly enhance their career prospects.

Most businesses use websites and marketing documents to generate customers - how many serious business owners design and write their own website and knock up their own flyers at home? The point is, outsourcing these tasks to experts is what the smart people do and writing a CV is no different.

We write CVs for all levels of people but some of our customers are high profile and well known Executives with highly successful careers - they see using us as a way of enhancing their marketability and would give a wry smile to those who think one should be able to write their own CV.

Why not request a Free CV Appraisal today or contact us to find out how our CV writing and interview coaching services can help you enhance your career prospects.

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