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Interview Coaching Services

Our Interview Coaching Services are invaluable if you are serious about your career and want to maximise your ability to secure job offers. They are beneficial for all levels of job seekers ranging from graduates to board-level executives and are especially useful for those at a senior level.

Being a strong communicator and being comfortable in interviews is not enough when you are competing with other high-calibre candidates. It is important to know how to interpret questions correctly and structure your answers using effective communication frameworks. This is where professional interview coaching will give you the edge. Having strong interview technique is a skill that will help you throughout your career, so it's worth investing in now.

Areas that we focus on include: 

how to interpret the meaning of questions

how to tackle competency-based questions

how to structure your answers (and stop rambling)

how to take control in an interview

how to turn an interview into a sales call

how to handle objections and close the sale

how to make sure you leave the interview knowing where you stand

how to answer difficult or trick questions

how to prepare thoroughly for an interview

Interview Training Workshop

We run a telephone based one-to-one interview coaching session for people who want to prepare thoroughly for an interview. During the one hour session, we will talk you through several quick-win but highly effective techniques that will improve your ability to: prepare for an interview; structure questions and avoid rambling; answer competency-based questions; take control and turn the interview into a sales presentation rather than a typical Q&A; and close the ‘sale’.

Having professional interview coaching is essential preparation before you go to an interview and a proven way of maximising your chances of securing a job offer.

Interview Training Workshop - £50 + Vat

So if you want to improve your chances of landing that dream job, call us now for a free, no obligation consultation on 01274 408 222, or email us info@cvandinterviewadvisors.co.uk

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