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Interview Coaching Services

Our Interview Coaching Services are invaluable if you are serious about your career and want to maximise your ability to secure job offers. They are beneficial for all levels of job seekers ranging from graduates to board-level executives and are especially useful for those at a senior level.

Being a strong communicator and being comfortable in interviews is not enough when you are competing with other high-calibre candidates. It is important to know how to interpret questions correctly and structure your answers using effective communication frameworks. This is where professional interview coaching will give you the edge. Having strong interview technique is a skill that will help you throughout your career, so it's worth investing in now.

Interview Training Workshop

We run a telephone based one-to-one interview coaching session for people who want to prepare thoroughly for an interview. During the one hour session, we will talk you through several quick-win but highly effective techniques that will improve your ability to: prepare for an interview; structure questions; avoid rambling; answer competency based questions; turn the interview into a sales presentation rather than a typical Q&A; and close the ‘sale’.

Having professional interview coaching is essential preparation and a proven way of maximising your chances of securing a job offer.

£65 + Vat

Virtual (online) Mock Interview

This is a quick and easy way to get some solid interview practice before you attend your interview. Using innovative technology, we can tailor an interview to any profession and competency framework and use our virtual interview platform to ask you the questions through your PC / laptop webcam or tablet device. Once you have been asked the questions and given your response, you are able to submit the interview to us to critique. You can also choose from several thousand questions and practice your interview technique until your heart’s content. The system records your interview (audio and video) so you can play-back your performance on your PC screen. We provide detailed feedback in both written and verbal format.

Written Feedback - £99 + Vat

Verbal Feedback - £149 + Vat

Workshop + Mock Interview with written feedback - £149 + Vat

Workshop + Mock Interview with verbal feedback - £199 + Vat

Face-to-Face Mock Interview

This is effectively a dummy run of a real life interview where we will interview you for a specific role or against general questions relevant to your career. We provide an initial coaching session via telephone then create a mock interview consisting of 10 questions which are tailored to your needs. 

The interview will take place at a location near you and we will capture the mock interview on film (using a high-end camcorder). This is used to analyse your interview technique, body language and communication style.

We will provide coaching on how to improve your technique covering basic interview skills through to advanced methodologies suitable for experienced Executives. The session is then posted to you in DVD format with a detailed write up on all relevant points. 

£599 + Vat

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